• Question: Hi its Dion here does a animal give heat body heat while running around?

    Asked by pink2012 to Alex, Alison, Gavin, Helen, Miranda on 9 Jul 2012.
    • Photo: Alison Atkin

      Alison Atkin answered on 9 Jul 2012:

      Hi there Dion! Yes, just like us humans (since we’re actually animals too), most other animals give off body heat while they are running around. But, there are some animals that rely more on the air temperature and sunlight for heat, instead of activity – these animals are usually ‘cold-blooded’ like many reptiles (like lizards). While these animals do warm up when they are active, if it is too cold outside or they cannot get wamr enough in the sun, they usually can’t be as active, meaning they stay colder.

    • Photo: Alex Ireland

      Alex Ireland answered on 9 Jul 2012:

      Hi Pink, yes they do and they sweat as well to try and cool down. But because they’re covered in fur sweating isn’t very good at cooling them so they use other things. For instance, panting is a good way to dogs to lose heat.

    • Photo: Helen O'Connor

      Helen O'Connor answered on 9 Jul 2012:

      Thanks Alison and Alex, I learnt something myself reading your answers.