Your winner Alison wants to say a HUGE thank you!

Alison's face right after she won!

Alison's face right after she won!


First off, I want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who voted for me to win ‘In the Zone’! I am incredibly happy to have won and I am really proud to have been chosen by all of you, out of all the amazing scientists who took part.


When I found out that ‘In the Zone’ would be all about the human body, I was doubly excited to be taking part, as I’m an osteoarchaeologist, which means I study human remains from history.


My live-chats were fast and furious and the forum questions were surprisingly tough (and numerous)… but it was so much fun! It was really exciting to talk with the students and their teachers. And it was especially fascinating to see what kinds of questions everyone was interested in asking, as they ranged from curiosity about the tiniest cells in the human body to the largest features of in the universe! It certainly tested my general science knowledge, but I think that I did okay!


I plan to put podcasts on the site. This means it will be a bit like a radio show, but one you could listen to whenever you want. I can interview scientists from anywhere in the world and feature them on the show! Once the show is on the website anyone can listen to it – not just you, but your friends, and your family, and if we spread the word then people from other countries can even listen too!


The money from winning ‘I’m a Scientist’ will go towards purchasing the equipment and programmes I need to set up the website and produce podcasts. I have decided, for the first episode I would like to have students who took part In the Zone submit questions. Then we’ll pick five of the best and find scientists who can answer them in an interesting and exciting way. Who knows, maybe we’ll even find a way to feature these students on the show! Wouldn’t that be exciting?


I will be sure to update you as soon as the website is live and I’ll make sure we announce when the first episode will be out, but in the meantime let me thank you once again from the very tips of my toes to the top of my head! I have had such a great time with all of you over the last few months and I will miss all the very weird and wonderful questions you have been sending my way.


If you’ve got any questions for Alison’s podcast, email them to me, mod-Katie and I’ll pass them on to Alison!

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