Peter Voshol

Favourite Thing: My favourite thing to do in science is to have a stimulation open discussion in the lab with all the tools and equipment around so we can ‘play’ around with different options and experience solutions as we go along with the discussion.




University of Nijmegen, Netherlands 1992 – 1994, University of Groningen (PhD), Netherlands, 1996 – 2000

Work History:

University of Groningen, Netherlands, University of Leiden, Netherlands; University of Oslo, Norway; University of Graz, Austria; University of Vancouver, Canada; Harvard University, Boston, USA; Berlin, Germany


University of Cambridge

Current Job:

Director of Disease Model Core

Me and my work

A practical experimental combination

My Typical Day

Inspiring discussions on data and interpretation!

What I'd do with the money

Organize a food and metabolism awareness day in a local community.

My Interview

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Open, Practical, Holistic

Would you rather be a scientist or an athlete? And why?

Scientist, then I have more time to study life ;-)

If you could have a body super power, what would it be and why?

Seeing molecular processes in the body

Which Olympic event would you most like to win? And why?

Mountain biking, a old hobby of mine.

What did you want to be after you left school?

Medical scientist

Were you ever in trouble in at school?

Hmm not really ;-)

What's the best thing you've done as a scientist?

Travelled the world and experience different surroundings for science

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