• Question: who is the fastest person you know

    Asked by jacobn to John, Alison, Helen, Matt, Miranda on 18 May 2012. This question was also asked by grafitipig.
    • Photo: John Dickinson

      John Dickinson answered on 18 May 2012:

      Marlon Devonish – He won a gold medal in the 100 m sprint rely in the 2004 Olympic Games. He is trying to qualify for the 200 m in the 2012 London Olympic Games.

    • Photo: Alison Atkin

      Alison Atkin answered on 26 Jun 2012:

      The fastest person I know personally is probably my friend’s nephew – he can sprint really fast and he is really small, so for someone his size and age he must be the fastest!

    • Photo: Helen O'Connor

      Helen O'Connor answered on 9 Jul 2012:

      The fastest person I know is a table tennis player who is professional, I have no idea how he manages to see the ball and hit it, it moves so fast.